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LongIslandJunkCarRemoval.com provides quick and efficient Junk Car Removal in the Long Island area of New York. We offer Cash paid to you on the spot and always include FREE towing. We are 100% New York State DMV Licensed to buy junk Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Vans.

If you have a junk vehicle that just might never run again sitting in your yard or on your property, then the best way you can dispose off that old clunker is by calling up a junk car removal company. While contacting a Nationwide company might seem like a feasible solution, by using a Local service, you can expect much better results. Not only will it be hassle free and easy for you to get rid of your junk car as soon as possible this way, but you will also receive top dollar from them for selling your junk vehicle.

The majority of nationwide junk car towing companies tend to be rather choosy, at times they might not accept junk cars in any condition, and they might not accept certain makes and models. You will find it much easier to go through the process of getting rid of a junk car with the help of a Local junk car removal service. Unlike Nationwide companies, these Local companies have their own tow trucks to pickup and remove your vehicle. They will purchase any car, regardless of what condition it might be in, from just about any location and they do not require too many rules to be met.

Local junk car removal companies are able to pay the best price even for junk vehicles in the worst conditions, which is another main advantage of going with such a service. Thus, not only can you sell your junk car for quite a decent price, but you can obtain a quote for the car you want to get rid of, before you schedule the car pick up. They will schedule the vehicle towing according to your schedule and will arrive at the location of the junk car with a tow truck to tow away your old clunker and pay you a handsome sum of money for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are you Licensed to buy vehicles?

    A. Yes. We are a N.Y.S. DMV Licensed Business and we follow all State Guidelines for transferring all vehicles that we buy. When we pickup your vehicle, we GUARANTEE that the paperwork will be properly transferred and that you will no longer be liable for the vehicle.

  • Q. How will I be paid for my vehicle?

    A. All vehicles that we purchase are paid CASH ON THE SPOT with the exception of pickups where nobody is home. We then pay by Business Check.

  • Q. Do I need the TITLE for my vehicle to sell it to you?

    A. We can purchase ANY vehicle with or without a TITLE since we are 100% NYS DMV Licensed.

  • Q. What if my TITLE has a LIEN on it?

    A. We can still purchase your vehicle with a LIEN on the TITLE. You will still be personally responsible for any loan(s) owed to anyone.

  • Q. How can I get my vehicle to you?

    A. We come to YOU and offer FREE TOWING for any vehicle that we purchase.

  • Q. What if my car doesn't Run or Drive?

    A. We purchase ANY condition vehicle whether or not it Runs or Drives.

  • Q. Do I receive any proof that you purchased my vehicle.

    A. Yes. We provide you with a legal "Bill of Sale" including all of the Vehicle Sale details as well as our License information.

  • Q. Can you pickup the vehicle at a different location than my address?

    A. Yes. We can pickup your vehicle at any location as long as you are available to be there and the person at the location agrees.

  • Q. Can you pickup ABANDONED vehicles?

    A. We can LEGALLY remove any abandoned vehicles from your property according to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles guidelines.

  • Q. Do you pickup vehicles that are NOT in New York?

    A. We don't physically pickup vehicles outside New York but we deal with companies in ALL 50 STATES and we can arrange a pickup anywhere.